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Rarely does a rock band combine explosive guitars, machine gun precise rhythms, and soulful vocals with an intense longing for meaning. Sean “The Rick” Rickman and the members of Big Mouth however, have always searched for something more than what pop-culture is selling. The members of Big Mouth are Sean “The Rick” Rickman Drums/Lead Vocals, Lenny Stevens Guitar/Vocals, and Andrew Dunbar Bass/Vocals; they all have extensive touring and recording experience with many well known artists.

Talk to Big Mouth about their sound and influences and they evoke the pride of ownership entwined with a nod and a wink for the master musicians of the past, and the present that have honed and shaped their musical worlds. Attending prestigious music schools learning to site read backwards, the LA Studio Grind, or playing in the shadow of musically influential fathers, the members of Big Mouth have paid their musical dues, and are now highly regarded in their musical peer group.

With their great musical ability comes the expansive unrestricted platform of song selections including Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, Aerosmith, Rush, Prince, Nirvana, Foo Fighters, to 2009 Grammy Award Winners, Kings of Leon. Big Mouth’s musical repertoire transcends over 50 years of music and they have the ability to refine and customize each show based on the venue and club demographic.

The equipment Big Mouth uses is state-of-the-art to ensure the optimum performance impact. As a result, Big Mouth will bring the perfect size sound system for each room. Because the members of Big Mouth are professional musicians, the quality of the sound is the highest priority, not just the amount of volume. Most bands equate high volume with high quality. No one wants to attend an event where the patrons can not talk to each other. Big Mouth monitors the volume throughout the event to make sure that it is comfortable for everyone.

Rock, Soul, Pop, Alternative, Funk, Big Mouth can do it all... Big Mouth thoughtfully structures each set list to deliver the maximum impact entertainment value proposition for their fan base. In the musical world of weekend warrior “Hobbiest”, the Big Mouth proposition is simple and unparalleled, they are the practitioners of their craft, they take pride in their abilities, and they are keenly aware of the needs of their audiences. Big Mouth has found one truth was consistent in every group; they treat every show exactly the same. Big Mouth feels its audience deserves to be treated better than just being another date on their calendar.

This is Big Mouth.


For More information about booking Big Mouth for your event please contact Amber-Therese Foster at Last Call Entertainment at (703)380-6836 or by email at amber_foster@lastcallent.com.



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